If you’re looking for ways to cut down on electrical costs or simply want better quality lighting for your establishment, you’ve arrived at the right place.

We are Sola4U, an innovative brand that has just arrived in South Africa and is dedicated to providing inexpensive lighting and electrical solutions for businesses, homes and many other establishments. The bets part is you can buy all your LED lights online and have them shipped to your address. So easy, and very secure.

LED lighting has finally become cheap enough to offer substantial savings and we are so excited to be able to offer you these top quality products at the best rates. You will be able to see precisely how much savings you will realise by replacing your globes with CFLs, LEDS and energy efficient down-lighters.

The rewards that you, our valued customers, can expect from converting to LED Lighting  are:

  • Greatly reduced electricity costs, convenience in only changing “bulbs” once every three years
  • The value-added investment of higher quality and longer lasting lighting at lower prices!
  • Increasing your social responsibility by decreasing your business’ carbon footprint.

We are proud to be able to supply petrol stations, factories, warehouses, dealerships, nurseries, hatcheries, car dealerships, hotels, restaurants, domestic homes and many other industries with energy-efficient lighting solutions to replace all kinds of fluorescent lights and bulbs. Please note all prices quoted are VAT Inclusive. So buy all your LED lights online with Sola4U and save the planet and your pocket!

We also provide a great Money-Saving Calculator for you to work out exact costs as well as how much you will be saving when you switch to our superior products.


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Please note all prices quoted are VAT Inclusive

Note: Warranty does not apply in the event of power surges or lightning. All lighting over 50w requires AVR or in-line surge protection, in order for the warranty to apply.