Eskom is pushing electricity prices ever higher, by the year; and old, inefficient lighting solutions are costing more and more to maintain. Businesses like filling stations that depend on “good lighting” are affected even more! Yes, running a service station efficiently comes with its demands!

Effective lighting is crucial, more especially in the forecourt of your service station, and it is the brightly lit iconic canopy which is the primary source of light. Compliance, oil company regulation and safety considerations make good quality lighting mandatory for filling stations. However, the major issue is expenditure! Is there a COST-EFFECTIVE, no fuss, hassle-free way of ensuring that your lighting is optimal and efficient?

If you have been asking this question, then brace yourself for our revolutionary products.

We are Sola4U, an innovative brand that has just arrived and is ready to help you switch to the more affordable and highly economical LED lighting system. We service filling stations all across KZN and South Africa by supplying and installing our energy efficient lighting systems. The breakthrough technology of LED lighting – once seen as lighting of the ‘ever-efficient future’ – has become affordable enough to offer substantial savings, and we are excited to be able to offer you these products at the very best of prices!

So if you’re looking for ways to cut down on electricity costs or simply want improved quality lighting for your petrol station, then look no further!

Our LED lighting for filling stations not only last far longer than old lighting systems, but can also be retrofitted directly onto your old fittings (see our before and after LED photos). The retrofitting process is inexpensive and surprisingly quick. It will also leave you with complete peace of mind that your lighting won’t expire, dim or even flicker for a minimum of three years.

We bring energy-efficient lighting to replace all kinds of fluorescent lights and so that you can reap the benefits of this great investment. The main rewards that you, our valued customer, can expect are:

  • Greatly reduced electricity costs
  • Convenience in only having to change ‘bulbs’ once every three years
  • The investment of a higher quality and longer lasting lighting system, all at lower prices.

We are able to design a packaged lighting-solution around your individual needs and depending on the size of your canopy. We also provide you with a great calculator for working out exactly how much you stand to save by switching over to our superior products.

The results are astounding! The benefits – obvious!

The Sola4U Difference – LED Lighting for Filling Stations

We are a dynamic brand with a comprehensive service offering; we supply and work with LED, CFT and energy-efficient down-lighting. In addition our services are based on an efficient operating and supply chain system. The benefits of our lighting products are authentic and verifiable, plus our technology has been thoroughly tested and scientifically proven! This is certainly a welcome relief given the signs of a looming power crisis. We are here to provide the ultimate solution that will not only save you money, but also deliver the greatest convenience with minimal to virtually nil maintenance needed!

Looking at these benefits – there’s really no reason to hesitate; contact us now for a quotation – and start SAVING!